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Send us the completed data and receive the report within few short hours

We support all major Appraisal software

  • WinTotal – A La Mode.
  • Clickforms Bradford Technologies.
  • Narrative 1.
  • ACI.
  • SFREP.


1. Appraiser provides data to us.2. We type the report and send it back.3. Appraiser Analyzes and submit to Client.

After the appraiser is done with the on-site field inspection:

Appraiser provides subject and comps data.

We will:

  • Fill all data provided for subject and comps.
  • Complete all data for all applicable fields (Subject, Neighborhood, site,improvements, sales comparison analysis, market research and analysis, ..etc).
  • Insert: all photos (subject and comps), sketch, Aerial map, Location map, Flood map, and Plat map.
  • Send the typed report back to the Appraiser.
  • The appraiser then Analyzes the final report, make comps adjustments, and insert opinion of value.
  • That is it…. You are done.

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